I am a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on architecture and set design. I hold a masters in architecture from the Cornell College of Art, Architecture, and Planning, and duel bachelors degrees in drama and psychology from Boston College.

Over the last seven years of my education, I have come to love the hands on approach to design. I have found that my best work is derived from an understanding of materials, of model making, prototyping, and constant consideration of the experiential aspects of design. Everything from scratch models to full-scale mockups have proved to be critical tools in my creative process. I have come to believe that with a hands-on approach, I can develop more personal, and ultimately more evocative work.

I believe the best way to approach any design is with a range of perspectives. The work represented here ranges in scale, scope, and focus, and it is my hope that by continuing to explore multiple disciplines and more specifically, their intersections, I will bring a unique understanding to each project I pursue.

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